Located in Xuzhou, a key node city of the Belt and Road with a long history and a splendid culture, Xuzhou University of Technology (XUT) is founded in 1959, focusing on engineering. It has grown into a comprehensively multi-disciplinary university in the fields of Science, Engineering, Agriculture, Literature, Economics, Public Administration, Education and Fine Arts. The university has a total enrollment of over 23,000 full-time undergraduates and 1,500 faculties currently, including more than 550 professors and associate professors. XUT is a project implementation university of the National Excellent Engineer Education and Training, pilot university of the National Integrated Development Project of Industry and Education. It is also selected as the Chairman Unit of National College Bridge Association and Vice Chairman Unit of National College Student Dragon and Lion Dance Association.

    XUT has 17 schools and 61 undergraduate programs. The majors include International Trade, Economics, E-commerce, Finance & Tax, Economic Laws, Food Science and Engineering, Biotechnology Engineering, Security of Food Quality, Mechanical Design and Automation, Industrial Design, Material-molding and Control Engineering, Digit-control Technique, Mechatronic Engineering, High-polymer Material and Engineering, Computer Science & Technology, Mechanical Engineering, Information& Computing Science, Applied Physics, Electronic Science and Technology, Computer Science and Technology, Electronic Information Science and Technology, Electronic Engineering and Automatics, Ecology, Applied Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Technology, Polymer Material and Engineering, Business Management, Chinese Language and Literature, Advertisement Science, Accounting Computerization, Building Cost of Projects, Engineering Management, Civil Engineering, Gardens, Water Supply and Sewerage Engineering, Architectural Engineering Technology, Construction Project Management, Art Design, Clothing Design and Engineering, Animatronics, Musicology, Primary School Education, Chinese Education, Education Technology, Elementary Education, Digital Media, English , Korean, Financial Management, Marketing, Accounting, Information Management& Information Systems, Logistic Engineering, Tourism Management etc..

    XUT has established friendly relationships with over 40 universities from 18 countries including Russia, the UK, USA, Australia, South Korea and Thailand. XUT has successively implemented projects on credit transfer, summer and winter camp, study tour with Korea National University of Transportation, Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University(ETU), Saint-Etienne School of Management, The University of Manchester, Southwest Minnesota State University, Southern Cross University and so forth. The sino-foreign cooperative programs with St. Petersburg State University of Electronic Technology (ETU) on ”Electrical Engineering & Automation” and “Mechanical Engineering & Automation” majors started from 2009, and 120 students take part in the joint training programs every year. In addition, XUT is financially supported by Jiangsu Provincial Government to award scholarship to overseas students, and it is also a member of the universities of Jiangsu Provincial Government Scholarship, implementation university of “Talent Selection Program” (TSP). Over 600 international students graduated from XUT.